Dr. Leora Fox keeps you up-to-date on HDSA research activities, recently published work about Huntington’s disease, historical moments in HD research and more.

HDSA Research Webinar on Brain Development

Posted on February 20, 2020

On Wednesday February 19th, Dr. Peg Nopoulos, Director of the HDSA Center of Excellence at the University of Iowa, presented an…

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Research Survey on HD & Romantic Relationships

Posted on February 13, 2020

HDSA works with students and researchers to review HD research surveys and make them available on our survey page. Participating in…

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HDSA Expands Centers of Excellence Program to 50 Sites

Posted on February 6, 2020

HDSA Centers of Excellence provide world-class multidisciplinary care to families all over the United States. Professionals at these locations include neurologists,…

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NOW AVAILABLE: Research Year in Review Webinar

Posted on January 30, 2020

HDSA’s annual Research Year in Review webinar is now available to view. Check it out for an overview of HDSA’s research…

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HDSA Publishes 2019 Year in Review

Posted on January 23, 2020

This week HDSA issued the 2019 edition of our Year In Review Magazine, which features highlights from HDSA’s Mission-related programs and…

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New Online Application System for HDSA Research Grants

Posted on January 15, 2020

HDSA’s research program has expanded in recent years, and in 2020 we’re using a new online platform to help smooth…

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Upcoming HDSA Research Webinar

Posted on January 9, 2020

2019 was a big year for HD research, and we’ll be recapping HDSA’s research activities, and the field’s major discoveries…

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Wave Life Sciences Announces Data and Expansion of PRECISION-HD Studies

Posted on January 3, 2020

Happy New Year from HDSA! To wrap up 2019, we received some exciting clinical trial news. Wave Life Sciences is conducting…

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HDSA Awards $50,000 in Clinical Research Pilot Grants

Posted on December 24, 2019

This year HDSA was able to offer a new grant mechanism to foster novel clinical research studies within our Centers…

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Roche Video About HD Features Berman-Topper Fellow

Posted on December 11, 2019

Roche recently created a video about Huntington’s disease that is narrated by HDSA Berman-Topper Fellow Lauren Byrne. The video is a…

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STAT Article: HD Clinical Trials Bring Hope

Posted on December 5, 2019

This week an article in STAT talks about the ongoing Roche GENERATION-HD1 trial. The story explains Huntington’s disease and covers the experiences…

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Happy Thanksgiving from HDSA

Posted on November 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at HDSA! We are especially grateful for your engagement in research – it’s how medicine moves…

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The Marker: HDSA’s 2019 Research Report

Posted on November 21, 2019

Each year, HDSA prepares a report that covers what happened in HD research this year. This year, The Marker includes HDSA research activities…

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HSG Announces New Phase 3 Study To Test Drug For HD Chorea

Posted on November 13, 2019

The Huntington Study Group issued a press release about a new study to treat the movements associated with HD, known as chorea….

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Scientists Experiment with a New Huntingtin-Lowering Strategy

Posted on November 7, 2019

The huntingtin-lowering drugs in clinical trials right now are focused on attacking mutant huntingtin on the RNA level – essentially…

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Insights on HD Age of Onset

Posted on October 31, 2019

Several groups of scientists have reported recently on how CAG length “hiccups” or expansions during life can influence the age of…

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World’s First HD Gene Therapy Trial

Posted on October 24, 2019

Boston-based company uniQure is conducting the first HD gene therapy trial of their drug AMT-130. The Phase 1/2 trial is designed to test…

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HDSA Names Five 2019 HD Human Biology Project Fellows

Posted on October 17, 2019

This week, we announced the winners of the 2019 HD Human Biology Fellowship. These young scientists were chosen for their…

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This Week in HD History: Remembering Marjorie Guthrie

Posted on October 10, 2019

On October 6th, 1917, HDSA’s founder Marjorie Guthrie was born. Not only did Marjorie found the Committee to Combat Huntington’s…

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This Week in HD History: Huntingtin Aggregates

Posted on October 3, 2019

One of the telltale signs of Huntington’s disease is the clumps of huntingtin protein that build up all over the…

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