These modules are for informational purposes only. This course is no longer accredited.  

Course Description

These online modules offer expert knowledge about Huntington’s disease (HD) for primary care providers and family practitioners who care for people with HD at the local level. They are also appropriate for neurologists and psychiatrists who are not familiar with HD. The modules will cover the natural history of the disease, genetics of HD, the psychiatric, neuropsychological and motor symptoms of the disease with treatment options as well as Juvenile Onset HD and assembling a multidisciplinary team to provide care.  

Some modules may discuss therapeutic products that have not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and off-label uses of approved products. Viewers should verify all information before treating patients or employing any therapies described in any of the modules.

These modules were recorded in 2013 and some information may no longer be relevant or the most current. Please check the HDSA website ( for newer information on genetic testing, research, clinical trials and disability.


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Module 1: Natural History of HD and Introduction to Series

Explores the stages and progression of Huntington’s disease
Presented by Sam Frank, MD
Run time: 48 minutes

Module 2: Genetic Factors in HD

Addresses heredity, CAG repeat and what that means as well as genetic testing for HD
Presented by Tom Bird, MD
Run time: 34 minutes

Module 3: Special Issues: The Prodrome of HD

Describers the early signs of HD prior to motor diagnosis
Presented by Jane Paulsen, PhD
Run time: 57 minutes

Module 4: Cognitive Features of HD

How cognition is impacted by Huntington’s disease
Presented by Jane Paulsen, PhD
Run time: 46 minutes

Module 5: Psychiatric Syndromes in Huntington’s Disease – Assessment and Management

Describes the psychiatric syndromes associated with HD and treatment options
Presented by Adam Rosenblatt, MD
Run time: 46 minutes

Module 6: Motor Dysfunction and Neurological Care

Addresses the movement disorders associated with HD and treatment options
Presented by Vicki Wheelock, MD
Run time: 37 minutes

Module 7: Juvenile HD

Describes diagnosis, treatment and care for children affected by the juvenile version of HD
Presented by Martha Nance, MD
Run time: 21 minutes

Module 8: Team Based Care For HD – From the Beginning to the End

Discusses the benefits of a team based care approach to improving the quality of life and overall care of the person with HD
Presented by Martha Nance, MD
Run time: 35 minutes