HDSA Research
Funding Programs

HDSA offers three types of competitive research grants and maintains personalized contact with our fellows to support their work and to share their stories with the community. Our scientific advisory board, made up of HD scientists, clinical experts, and family representatives, reviews applications yearly and decides which projects to fund. HDSA is also part of an international coalition to give patients a voice in clinical research.

HD Human
Biology Project

The HD Human Biology Project offers up to $150,000 over two years to researchers studying HD biology as it occurs in humans or testing interventions to improve patient quality of life. >

Donald A. King

The Donald A. King Summer Research Fellowship provide $4,500 to fund a summer undergraduate research experience in an established HD laboratory to help foster the next generation of young HD researchers. >


The Berman-Topper Family HD Career Development Fellowship provides up to $80,000/year to support a young postdoctoral researcher who plans to devote their career to studying Huntington’s disease. >


HD-COPE helps give patients a direct voice in clinical research by facilitating communication between the HD community and pharmaceutical companies working on drugs for HD.

HDSA Scientific
Advisory Board

HDSA’s Scientific Advisory Board, made up of top HD doctors, researchers, and family members, carefully reviews funding applications and discusses the direction of HDSA research funding. >

Spotlight on
HD Researchers

Spotlight on HD Researcher sprofiles HDSA-funded researchers from around the world working on meaningful science to combat HD. >