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At HDSA, we know it’s hard to find time for appointments or even find a local Huntington’s disease specialized counselor. HDSA’s FREE Telehealth Program, powered by Amwell, makes it easy for you to talk to mental health therapists from the comfort of your home.
To utilize HDSA’s free telehealth portal, visit or download the free Amwell® app and use the Service Key HDSA to access the Huntington’s disease practice. On the site, patients can schedule appointments with social workers and psychologists licensed in their state.
The session is free for families affected by HD, and no insurance is required.

HDSA Telehealth FAQs

What is Telehealth?

Simply put, it is connecting healthcare professionals with the populations most in need of the services offered but who cannot travel to a medical center for a variety of reasons including time, cost, distance and insurance.

What services are provided?

An internet based program that brings qualified HD knowledgeable licensed social workers and psychologists to the HD community. By bringing these services directly to those most in need, HDSA and American Well can bridge that gap for those who find traditional on-site counseling inconvenient.

How many times can I receive counseling?

Over the course of a year, you may schedule up to 8 visits with an HD knowledgeable licensed social worker or psychologist through HDSA’s free program.

Can only one member of the family use the service?

No, every member of your family can receive counseling with up to 8 telehealth visits per year.

Will it be the same counselor each time?

That depends. You can request the same person or another counselor may be more readily available at the time you are requesting.

What are the hours for appointments?

Specific hours will vary from state to state depending upon the number of therapists available. While American Well is building its network of mental health providers, coverage may vary from state to state. We encourage you to check the site often if you find limited access in your state.



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