During the Holiday Season, Proudly Hang Your HDSA Snowflake For All to See!

Throughout the holiday season in November and December, HDSA’s Tree of Help & Hope is a symbol that in the battle against Huntington’s disease, no one fights alone. As the snowflakes accumulate — sent by people just like you — you can see the HDSA Family come together and grow stronger every day.

Make your holiday gift and send your Message of Hope by clicking the links below.

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Your Messages of Hope

Thank you for creating a blizzard help and hope by entering your virtual snowflake messages.

For my brother, John, and niece, Nicole. We’re so proud of both of you! You never give up.

In Honor of Angie Ford: “True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart” – unknown

In Honor of Lynn Shaw: Lynn, I love you to the ends of the Earth. Think of you often, know you are surrounded by family!

In Honor of Jill Carter: The strongest and most loving person I have ever met. The greatest Mom.Big ol hugs,Caleb

In Honor of Laura Brookes Downey: Even after so many years I still miss your beautiful smile and your big caring ❤️. Gone too soon

In Honor of Brendan Nager: May we cure Huntingtons disease so no young person suffers with this

Praying for all those affected and their families- we are all one big family!

To my late father Joel, my late aunt Holle, and my late grandmother Norma. You are loved and missed, merry Christmas!

Families supporting families.

Keep up the good fight!

During this magical time of the year, may we Believe in LOVE and Believe in HOPE as we pray for our HD loved ones. Wishing everyone a blessed Holiday Season.

Working for a cure❤️

I hope this will help

For Kaela and her dad ?

In memory of Aunt Peggy (Dluzniewski).

Merry Christmas Gonzalo