During the Holiday Season, Proudly Hang Your HDSA Snowflake For All to See!

Throughout the holiday season in November and December, HDSA’s Tree of Help & Hope is a symbol that in the battle against Huntington’s disease, no one fights alone. As the snowflakes accumulate — sent by people just like you — you can see the HDSA Family come together and grow stronger every day.

Make your holiday gift and send your Message of Hope by clicking the links below.

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Your Messages of Hope

Thank you for creating a blizzard help and hope by entering your virtual snowflake messages.

  • In memory of Bill Shedd. Rest in peace, Coach.
  • Jim Succop
    Dad, we lost you earlier this year but think of you daily. Love, your wife, kids and grandkids
  • In Honor of Ken and his amazing wife Ellie – Marla
  • My grandmother died from Huntington’s disease
    I hope there is a cure for Huntington’s disease someday soon
  • Janice & Janine
    In honor of your strength & courage, & with prayers of hope for the days ahead for Jan fighting HD.
  • My Dad & Grandma
    Because of you I always have hope!!
  • Allyssa DeHaan
    Always praying for a cure 💙
  • Dessie Clarke
    I will always love you Daddy.
  • My Grandmother
    Unfortunately my grandmother died from Huntington’s disease. She was a wonderful grandma
  • James Taylor
    Keep fighting, we are here for you and I’m not leaving your side.
  • Karen, my mother
    Thank you mom for always having a positive attitude despite what life threw your way!