During the Holiday Season, Proudly Hang Your HDSA Snowflake For All to See!

Throughout the holiday season in November and December, HDSA’s Tree of Help & Hope is a symbol that in the battle against Huntington’s disease, no one fights alone. As the snowflakes accumulate — sent by people just like you — you can see the HDSA Family come together and grow stronger every day.

Make your holiday gift and send your Message of Hope by clicking the links below.

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Your Messages of Hope

Thank you for creating a blizzard help and hope by entering your virtual snowflake messages.

Dad, Peter, Michael, Sharon- May medicine grow and laughter continue to be a big part of our journey to curing this thing. 

My mom- My mom is currently battling Huntington’s Disease. Praying for a cure for future generations! 

Mom, Phil, and Mark- I have a lot of family affected by this horrible disease. I hope and pray that a cure is found fast

My brother, Chad Hicks- Never give up hope. We’re fighting this fight together! 💙💛 *Amanda*

Robert Sanders- We love you and Merry Christmas in Heaven! 

Denise and John DeFrancisco Family is Everything 💙

I miss you mom everyday and I hope and pray that there is a cure soon! We will meet again mom, I love you.

Praying for a cure all the time. I’ve lost many family members, including my father and brother. Keep the Faith,

You are not alone- Love and prayers to you all!

Jeff- Praying for a cure everyday! We can do this! 

Sijtze- You are not alone!❤

My dad who passed away from HD and my brothers! I miss my dad everyday! To my brothers who are HD positive we need to fight! 

Matt Adamiak- I love you Matt, stay strong and keep fighting. My favorite Mr. Donut. 

Patricia Jo Watts- I miss you mom! It has been 10 years and I still think of you every day. I hope and pray for a cure!

Gordon and Steve Eliason- Praying all the time in hopes of a cure!!!! Let’s do this!!

Maggie Carmichael – Maggie Carmichael, my brave daughter, keep fighting ❣️HD stops here❤️ Love, Mom

In memory of Yvonne Groteluschen Lockhart – I miss you every day mom. You said the cycle ends with you! We’re praying for a cure. I love you!

In memory of Dorothy Weber I miss you every day. You helped make me who I am. You fought so hard. I love you!

Marcia O’Connell- Happy Birthday, Mom/Grandma! We miss you very much and we think about you everyday! 

In memory of Stephen “Doug” Martin. We miss you. Your loving family

T0 my beautiful niece Melanie , Dear Lord please hope and help.

Praying for a cure! I love and miss you everyday Dad.
Your daughter, Carie

In memory of my Dad, Robert Hayes-Bennett.

Aunt Susie You are missed everyday. You were a talented & caring person who gave so much light in our lives.

Pammie Marshall My sister has been in battle HD for 5 years 

Tim Krentz -Praying for treatments and cures. Keep fighting the big fight, we all love you!!! 💗 

For my sister Melanie currently fighting…let’s find a cure.

Keeping fighting everyday for a cure. With love from The Reynolds family 2022

Merry Christmas Grandma Marcy! We love you – Brianna & Carmella

All we want for Christmas is a cure! 💜💙

Prayers, love and strength to our HD community as we fight this HD battle together.

Joseph Patrick Lavin Love you Dad, taken too young by HD but never forgotten. A fighter, the whole way!

Raymond Horner We miss you every day and love you! 

Ray Horner In memory of Ray. He loved Xmas and buying presents! We love you forever and will never forget 🎄🌅

Chief Petty Officer Edwin Mabry 7 yrs, another Xmas without you. We miss you so very much. 💙 Patty, Bryan & Angela 💙🎄

All my residents from Leisure Chateau who have passed on Hope for today 💙

Pam stewart miss you so much!!

George and Jane Williams. One day there will be a cure and no-one will suffer what you both did x

In memory of Eleanor Thompson Someday there will be a cure and your fight will have not been in vain mom! I love you and miss you.

Kelsey Beyer Find a cure! 

In memory of Pop-Pop (Steve) (Dad) We miss you more then anything! Family is everything 

In memory of Scott & Matthew Bradley  We love and miss you. You are always in our hearts. Peace, love, & strength to our HD community. 

Janet Krause 20 years of missing you. We carry you with us wherever we go.

Kenneth Derby 29 years of missing you. 

In Honor of Justin Colie- Wishing you all the best holidays! Family is Everything! Love our Ohana!

In Memory of Sara Colie- Happy holidays to everyone in our Ohana! Family is everything!

Hernández Strong- Family is everything 💙💙💙 we always by your side Milton y familia 

Donna Jean Wright Patterson- For all those you carried on your shoulders Mom. You lived your life for Clare & Carolyn! 

Hernández Strong 💙💙 -#familyiseverything 💙💙💙 Supporting and raising #HDawareness 

Matthew Warner- Please pray for a CURE for Juvenile Huntington’s Disease this holiday season!! 

Erin Kathleen- Dear Sister Golden Hair, I miss you so much. But every time I think of you, my eyes smile back. 

Cathy Jackson- You are the strongest person I know. I love you so much. Family is everything!

Mark and Alyssa – Family is Everything! We have your back. Love you!

Ruben Esquibel- I hope there will be more awareness and resources for this disability. I wish i can do more for him

Abby S.-  Your Smile is as loving and contagious as a snowflake!

In honor of Deborah Loescher-  To my loving mom – I love you so much!! Jennifer 

My mom, brothers, and me- One day, we wll defeat this. Keep fighting the Beasts of Burden!

My father, Jesus Lara-  With God, all things are possible. There is hope for a cure. Never give up!