This Week in Research History: International Clinical Trials Day

May 20th is recognized as Clinical Trials Day to commemorate what is regarded as the first randomized clinical trial initiated by James Lind on May 20, 1747. In this momentous study, Lind analyzed possible treatments of scurvy in shipmates aboard the HMS Salisbury of the British Royal Navy.

As we commemorate 276 years of clinical trials and the vast advances in medical treatment and science that they brought about, HDSA extends its gratitude to clinical researchers, volunteers, and trial participants who allow us to press on in the search for novel therapies and cures for Huntington’s Disease. To learn more about how you can get involved in HD research visit HDSA’s website and

Postcard from Palm Springs

In late February of 2024, more than 450 scientists from around the world met in Palm Springs, California for the annual HD Therapeutics conference hosted by CHDI Foundation. Each year CHDI creates a video summarizing the conference that is directed at non-scientists. Charles Sabine, British journalist, gene carrier, and HD advocate, hosts the video, which features interviews with scientists and updates on HD therapeutics research. Companies interviewed include PTC Therapeutics, uniQure, and Atalanta, and academic researchers covered topics like CAG repeat expansion, genetic modifiers. Most importantly, Charles speaks with representatives of CHDI about how the Enroll-HD study is powering drug discovery in HD and how anyone in an HD family can get involved. Check it out here.

MyHDStory: Results Published

The Huntington Study Group is conducting a series of studies called MyHDStory, that allows people with HD to report on their lives and challenges living with HD, in their own words. The results of a pilot study, Making HD Voices Heard, has recently been published in the Journal of Huntington’s Disease. You can read more about the results here. Kudos to the many participants who made this possible!