Meet Our

On behalf of the Huntington’s disease community we want to thank our  NYC Marathon runners for all of their hard work in raising awareness and funds to support HDSA’s mission.

Many thanks to all who participated!

  • Monica Busovsky- Garcia, IN
  • Lindsey Christian, MN
  • Lynn Diaz, NJ
  • Jeff Dusek, MA
  • Delia Miller, NY
  • Stephanie Kidney, NY
  • MC Kiselick, NC
  • Philip Kiselick, NY
  • Jessica Melaro, PA
  • Gwen Owens, CA
  • Kathryn Ryan, MA
  • Elizabeth Schultz, IN
  • Christine Seperis, NJ
  • Trecia Simmonds, CA
  • Douglas Swartzendruber, MD
  • Laura Thompson, TX
  • Camille Tulenchik, MN
  • Mandy Virola, NJ
  • Michelle Witham, CO