Meet Bob

I am Bob Peake.  I am married and have one son who I admire so much.  My family supports me as I navigate living with HD.  Yes, I live with Huntington’s every day. The key word is LIVE — I do my best to live this one life I have.  I am a computer programmer by profession.  My employer — the NYS Office of Court Administration / Technology Division has been remarkable in working with me to adapt my work — which allows me to stay employed.  They deserve special recognition!  I hope one of the issues we work very hard to promote for HD individuals is that they can work and that work is very good for them and their families. Don’t just walk away from work — be brave enough to try to adapt and teach your employer that they can help you adapt.  My job helps keep me going.  I also bicycle at least 10 miles every weekend during good weather which is in addition to the spinning class I attend every week.  All this exercise even though I am ten years into this disease and have significant movements.  I love to see people’s reactions when they hear I bike, feet clipped in and all!  My doctors have said that since I rode a lot before I became symptomatic, my muscles have memory.  An irony of Huntington’s, my muscles may have better memory than me.  A laugh is good now and then!  I urge individuals to keep exercising as best you can.