Meet Dylan

My name is Dylan, I’m 2 years old, and at risk for Huntington’s disease. My Daddy is in the early stages of the disease. He has memory problems, trouble multitasking, and sometimes he gets angry. But he loves me very much and I love him. He’s also a professional guitar player and we like to play music together. It’s also fun to see him up on stage and dance around to the music.  My mommy works very hard to help raise money and awareness for HD. She loves us both very much. I always have a lot of fun at the fundraisers too. I am thankful for the HDSA and the Center of Excellence for being there for my family.  I hope that there is a treatment or cure for HD very soon so I can continue to play music with my daddy and have him in my life for many many more years. And I hope to never get this disease that is slowly taking my Daddy away from me.