Meet Chrisy

Top left to right: Lauren Rafael, Lisa Jones, Anne Jennings, Chrissy Scruggs and Joel Rafael. Seated: Mary Guthrie Boyle and Jacob Scruggs.

My name is Chrissy Scruggs. HD has been a part of my entire life. My two aunts, Gwen and Sue Guthrie, daughters of Woody Guthrie, suffered the same fate he did. Since this was during the early stages of the medical field’s acknowledgment of the disease, they were treated very poorly. My grandmother suffered for the care of her daughters with little support while trying to keep my aunts’ children intact as a family.

I have been given the great honor to serve as a Board Member with the Arizona Chapter. I lead fundraising and corporate sponsorship activities. My goal is to hold family friendly events for HD patients, their families and care givers, while raising awareness in the overall public of the disease. I want the HD community to feel they have all the support and understanding they need from the general public. I want them to know they have resources and most certainly are not alone. That they have a whole community surrounding them. I feel very proud to serve the organization.