Meet Daniel

My name is Daniel Medina and my 15-year-old stepbrother is at-risk for Huntington’s disease. I was unaware of the disease until my stepbrother, mother and I went to visit my stepbrother’s grandpa. We witnessed a man in his 60s who was shaking uncontrollably, emaciated and bed ridden. After the meeting, I researched Huntington’s disease and realized the disease was passed down through generations. I was terrified to picture my little brother facing such a destiny. I was thankful to come across the HDSA website and I decided to get involved in order to try to find a cure and help those already affected by it. Currently, my brother is at-risk and fortunately has shown no signs. He lives a normal life, but stays away from HDSA events. The mere thought of suffering his grandpa’s fate is too overwhelming for him but I am hoping he gets involved soon. I am proud to serve as the event Chair for the upcoming 1st Annual HDSA Inland Empire Walk on November 9 and I look forward to helping to make a difference for my family and for others.