Meet Deb

My name is Deb Parton. I met my husband  (Bruce) in 1999. He told me at that time about his daughter (April) that she was tested at the age of 18 for HD and told me about the disease. April was 22 when I first met her. HD has now been a part of my life for 13 years .

April was admitted to a local nursing home when she was 26 and now is 34 and in the advanced stages of HD. She can no longer walk on her own due to balance problems and her legs shake at times. She has dealt with her circumstances with a great attitude and a smile ! She knows she is declining in health and finds comfort in her belief in GOD and a life in heaven.

April has lost her grandfather, mother, aunt, uncle and a cousin to HD. She has decided to donate her body to science when she passes, hoping to help find a cure to end this disease.

April has two beautiful daughters and we hope and pray that they do not have HD.

Last Fall I was thinking about April and all she has to deal with on a daily basis and I decided I wanted to do something because I love my stepdaughter very much. With the help of several family members and friends we put together the first annual Huntingtons TEAM HOPE WALK at the Tipton City Park. I contacted Peggy at HDSA and she was great help in letting me know what I needed to do ! We raised $ 4,000 and my goal is to make this year’s event even more successful and that we can contribute even more to help find a cure for this heartbreaking disease !