Applying for disability benefits is a necessity for most HD families, but the disability process is often complicated and overwhelming, whether it is Social Security disability or private disability. It is important for individuals with HD to apply for disability benefits as soon as they are no longer able to work because there is a time limit, both Social Security benefits and private benefits expire. Please use the information and resources located below to help you navigate Social Security disability and the application process. The requirements and application process for private and employer provided disability benefits are different for every provider.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you are ready to start the disability process or have questions about your private disability policy, you will need to contact your policy holder or your human resources representative directly.


General Disability Information

Disability Booklet

Wellness Journal

Social Security Process infographic

Social Security denial process infographic


Application Resources

SSDI Application Tips

Listing 11.17

HD Compassionate Allowance

Disability Onset Date Worksheet

Sample HD Background Information

Questions to Determine Symptoms and limitations

HD Sample Support Letters

HDSA Disability Appeal Online Application Guide


Application Under Review Resources

How to Follow Up with Social Security 

Following Up with Social Security Infographic

SSA Consultative Exam


Medical Support Resources

HDSA Medical Source Statement

HDSA Sample Disability Letter


Financial and Legal Resources

Disability & Legal Resources Preparation Checklist

Financial and Legal Preparation for Prodromal/Pre-symptomatic HD

Late-Stage disability checklist

Financial Planning and HD Webinar

Understanding Financial Planning and HD

Legal Planning and HD: Estate Planning Webinar

Understanding Legal Planning and HD


Insurance Resources

Laying the Groundwork for Disability

Disability Insurance Benefits

Understanding Other Insurance and HD

Understanding Health Insurance Benefits

What to Expect When Applying for Marketplace Insurance

Navigating Health Insurance