Michael Placzek, PhD

Instructor at Massachusetts General Hospital
Mentor: Jacob Hooker, PhD
Project Title: COX-2 PET radiotracers for imaging early HD pathology in the living brain Learn More

Edith Pfister, PhD

Instructor at University of Massachusetts Medical School
Mentor: Neil Aronin, PhD
Project Title: Alternative polyadenylation of the human HTT mRNA and its effect on mutant HTT accumulation Learn More

Richard Hickman, MBChB

Neuropathology Fellow at Columbia University
Mentor: Ai Yamamoto, PhD, and Jean-Paul Vonsattel, MD
Project Title: Aberrations in autophagy in the human brain of Huntington’s disease: a post-mortem study with correlation to murine models Learn More

Isabelle St. Amour, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow at Université Laval
Mentor: Sébastien Hébert, PhD
Project Title: Project Title: Importance of microRNA biogenesis deficits in Huntington’s disease Learn More