A few weeks ago we blogged about the Annual CHDI Huntington’s disease Therapeutics Conference in Palm Springs, California. This week, Gene Veritas shared an interview with Dr. Scott Schobel, the clinical science leader for Roche’s huntingtin-lowering drug, RG6042. His post describes the study’s background, design, and execution, and Dr. Schobel answered Gene’s questions about the drug’s potential, future studies, delivery, access, and more.


HDSA Researcher Featured in the News

Dr. Amber Southwell, a professor and HD researcher at the University of Central Florida, studies experimental therapeutics in HD models and works on preclinical development of drugs for HD. She was recently featured in the local news for her work on ASOs, which continues to build upon our knowledge around the drugs in current clinical trials.  


International High School Stem Cell Research Event

UniStem day is an event for high school students that has expanded across Europe over the past decade. The goal is to promote education and culture around the science of stem cells. 2019’s Unistem Day, on March 15th, involved 30,000 high schoolers. They and their teachers participated in stem cell lessons, discussions, debates, laboratory visits and other learning activities at 99 universities across 4 continents. It’s not HD specific learning, of course, but stem cells are a hot topic in HD, and we’re a big fan of events that help high schoolers to engage with the important techniques driving HD science.