This week in Palm Springs, California, CHDI Foundation hosted the 14th Annual HD Therapeutics Conference. This yearly conference draws academic and industry researchers from all over the world to share their work about Huntington’s disease and participate in discussions about the latest in HD drug discovery. HD Buzz live-tweeted the entire 3-day conference in real time on their webpage. You can read about the all the talks presented on Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.

Advocate and blogger extraordinaire Gene Veritas also reflected on the conference in his most recent posts, and shared a video library of conference footage. 

The CHDI conference is tailored towards scientists and clinicians, but these resources are a fabulous way to stay in the loop about current drug development for HD and the ideas that will drive the therapies of tomorrow.

Could Cancer Drugs Help with HD?

Berman-Topper fellow Dr. Tamara Maiuri blogs about her HDSA-funded research project. This week, she shares some recent work and speculates about recent findings that could have implications around the use of cancer drugs for HD. 

Tam and her colleague Dr. Laura Bowie also presented a great webinar about DNA repair a few weeks ago that is now available on HDSA’s YouTube channel.