Last year was a tough one for all of us, but HD research nevertheless made incredible progress, and we are entering 2021 with renewed hope and energy. Thank you as always for your support and for sharing in our excitement about research news and developments. 

HDBuzz: The Dark Side of DNA Repair 

DNA repair has emerged in recent years as a hot topic in HD research – brain cells’ ability to maintain and repair genetic information is a key driver of age of symptom onset. In the latest article from HDBuzz, Emma Bunting covers recent work from an HD research team in Ireland that reveals new information about a protein on the DNA repair team, called MSH3.  

HDSA is currently funding multiple research studies that explore DNA repair, how we can best measure it, and how it contributes to onset of HD symptoms. Check out project descriptions from Dr. Ricardo Mouro Pinto and Dr Vilija Lomekaite to learn more.  

COVID-19 Vaccine Information from ASGCT 

The American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) has a variety of educational resources about genetics and emerging genetic therapies, including their Gene Therapy 101 topics and specific information about gene therapy for HD. ASGCT has also recently completed an educational unit on mRNA vaccines for COVID-19, which includes a short video, an FAQ, and an infographic. Many of ASGCT’s members are scientists who have spent years researching mRNA biology and its potential use in vaccines, and these resources are intended to inform, ease fear, and celebrate this accomplishment in the gene therapy field.