When you have a rare disease, you face two battles – one being the illness itself, and the other, living in a world where so few people understand what you’re up against. Huntington’s disease is a rare disease and the HD community is no stranger to these battles, but we also know firsthand that while we may be rare, we are mighty and we getting stronger together each day.  Sunday, February 28th is Rare Disease Day 2021, and HDSA is joining with the community across borders and diseases to raise awareness about rare disorders like HD. Check out https://www.rarediseaseday.org/ to learn more about the rare disease community and the events happening worldwide.  

Our goal is to turn up the global volume for Huntington’s disease awareness and continue to support HD research and provide world-class HD resources to families across the country. You can go to www.hdsa.org/rarediseaseday to join us.   

HDBuzz on COVID Vaccines and HD 

In response to the many questions from HD families about whether it’s safe to get a COVID vaccine, HDBuzz put out an article this week. The message: if you’re offered a vaccine, say yes! COVID vaccines have been widely tested and they safely and effectively prevent COVID, which can be devastating for people with HD. Hear what HD experts have to say and gain a better understanding of how the vaccines work.    

2020, the Best Year Ever (for HD Research) 

If you missed last week’s HDSA Research Year in Review webinar, it is now available on HDSA’s youtube channel. Join Dr. George Yohrling and Dr. Leora Fox of HDSA to learn why 2020 was actually an excellent year for HD research despite its many challenges. 

HDSA Research Grant Applications Due in March 

HDSA has three main research initiatives which support individual researchers committed to studying Huntington’s disease. Right now we have two open applications, the Berman-Topper HD Career Development Fellowship, due March 19th, which supports postdoctoral scientists who desire to devote their career to HD, and the Donald A. King Summer Research Fellowship, due March 5th, open to undergraduate students who plan to spend the summer working in an HD lab. Both applications can be completed through our online portal. Stay tuned for the Human Biology Project Request for Proposals, coming this spring. Contact LFox@hdsa.org to learn more.