25th Annual National Convention

Workshop Powerpoint Presentations

Many of the workshop presenters have given us permission to make their powerpoint presentations available for those who did not attend the Convention, or those who attended, but could be at a particular workshop.

Click on the title below to access the particular presentation.

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Focus on the Family Care Forum:
Talking to Kids About HD – Janet Williams, PhD

Research Forum:

PREDICTing Care: The Value of Pre-Diagnostic Observation – Jane Paulsen, PhD
When Does Disability Begin: Employment – Disability – Kenn Cady, MSW and Drew Yeannakis
Impulsivity and the Urge to Act – John Barkenbus, MD
SSDI Strategies – Kenn Cady, MSW and Drew Yeannakis
End Stage HD – Palliative Care – Debra Blue, MD
Advocating for HD Parity Act (HR678) – Joe LaMountain, Jane Kogan and Melissa Benish
Potential New Therapies – Michael Liu, PhD
Family Planning – Dana Pauling Neitzel, MS, CGC
Teens 14-20: Grieving – Anne Leserman, MSW, LISW
Dating and Relationship Issues – Carol Manning, PhD
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the Urge to React – John Barkenbus, MD
Youth 9-13: How to Cope with a Parent Who Has HD – Janet Williams, PhD
Teens 14-20: How to Talk to Your Parent About HD – Eileen Krueger, LSW
Living Positively At Risk – Healthy Lifestyles – Jang-Ho Cha, MD, PhD