Shattered Dreams–But Hope

By Elton Higgs

Shattered Dreams–But Hope is a distillation of the experiences of Laquita and Elton Higgs in caring for their two JHD adopted daughters. Laquita and Elton have not only shared their own caregiving experiences at a deeply personal level, but they have also offered observations and recommendations to other HD caregivers about coping with the special challenges and stresses of HD. They address the special characteristics and needs of a JHD patient, measures to preserve the mental and physical health of the caregiver, and ways of dealing with the governmental and medical agencies who must be sought to meet the needs of an HD patient and his/her family. But this is also a book for all long-term caregivers, whatever the disablement of the one being cared for. The concluding chapter portrays what two people of faith have learned about suffering, endurance, and love when grappling with the challenge of caring for a loved one day after day, year after year.

100% of the proceeds will go to HDSA.