Researchers all over the country are seeking participants for local studies on HD, and scientists around the world are seeking your input for online surveys that can be completed from the comfort of your own home to study the impacts of HD on the lives of the people it effects.
Click on each study title below to open a PDF brochure with additional information on each trial and learn more about whether you are eligible to participate.


Brain Donor Project


HD affected individuals may register to donate their brains upon their passing to increase our scientific understanding of neurodegenerative disease.



Effects of Neudexta on irritability in HD

Houston, TX

Participants diagnosed with HD from ages 18-75 will be evaluated over 13 weeks to determine the effects of the drug Neudexta on irritability in HD.





Effects of Melatonin on Sleep Quality in HD

Houston, TX

Over 9 weeks, individuals with HD ages 18-75 will be evaluated to evaluate the effects of melatonin in HD.




TeleHD: Telemedicine for HD

Chicago, IL

Individuals with HD ages 18-70 with access to video-conferencing technology are invited to participate in the study “TeleHD”to determine the feasibility and value of telemedicine visits for HD patients and their care partners over 6-12 months.





Evaluating Cortisol Levels in HD

Portland, OR

Persons with HD will collect saliva samples over three days and attend one or two follow-up appointments for mood assessment in a study of cortisol levels in HD.




Cognition, Balance, and Walking in HD

Chicago, IL

HD affected individuals and healthy volunteers of at least 30 years of age will undergo a series of balance and walking tests while wearing various external sensors, followed by a short neurological exam, to assess cognition, balance, and walking in HD.




Daily Stress in Young people affected by HD

Online Survey

Researchers at Monash University in Australia are conducting a study to understand how young people are affected by HD. Individuals ages 18-35 will complete a 30 minute online survey to participate.





Thinking Patterns, Mood, and Anxiety in HD

Online Survey

Researchers at the University of Virginia are interested in how thinking patterns affect mood and anxiety symptoms in HD. HD affected individuals ages 21 and older are invited to complete a series of online surveys about their thinking patterns, mood, and anxiety symptoms to assess how these are impacted by HD. 




Iowa City, IA, Philadelphia, PA, New York, NY, Houston, TX, Sacramento, CA

Researchers from the University of Iowa are using MRI technology to study brain structure and function in families affected by HD. Kids and adults ages 6-30 who have a parent or grandparent with HD are invited to participate. Check the ChANGE-HD website for more information and to find a study site near you.




Online Surveys

Participate in HD Research from home by joining online surveys by HD Researchers all over the world.