Medicare: A federal health insurance program for disabled Americans on Social Security Disability and Americans over 65 that provides free or reduced health care coverage to eligible individuals. There are four parts to Medicare that cover different health care services: 

  • Part A, for inpatient care, the hospital – no cost 
  • Part B, for outpatient care, like doctor’s office visits – a monthly premium of $144.60.
  • Part C, Medicare Advantage,allows you to buy into private health insurance. 
  • Part D, for prescription drug coverage.

Find information and resources about Medicare here: 

  • Medicare – 
  • Medicare Interactive –   
  • MyMedicare–    
    • This site is for Medicare beneficiaries that have elected coverage and created an account (not their Medicare information but a separate username/password combination) to access their personalized Medicare information including important forms, enrollment status, claims status, and more

Medicaid: a federal and state health insurance program for low-income families and individuals and disabled Americans on Supplemental Security Income. Medicaid eligibility requirements are set by the states, so each program varies in the eligibility criteria and services provided. Find information and resources about Medicaid here: 

State Programs: There are a wide variety of state programs that provide resources and assistance regarding insurance, especial Medicare and Medicaid. Find more information about the different kinds of state programs and what services they provide here: 

Private Insurance: These are plans that are sold on government (state and federal) run health insurance exchanges, directly by the health insurance company, or a privately-run health insurance marketplace, in addition to employer provided health insurance. Find information and resources about private insurance here: