The recording from the latest HDSA Research Webinar, Ask the Scientist Anything, is now available on HDSA’s YouTube channel. Dr. Ed Wild and Dr. Jeff Carroll, creators of HDBuzz, as well as HDBuzz writers and HDSA Fellows Dr. Sarah Hernandez and Dr. Rachel Harding answered research (and medical) questions live. They covered updates on huntingtin lowering, healthy versus mutant huntingtin, HD and lifestyle changes, stem cell research, and more. Stay tuned for more opportunities to Ask the Scientists! 

Gene Veritas on Caregivers and Care Professionals 

“Gene Veritas,” at-risk HD advocate and blogger extraordinaire, posts about HD advocacy and research. His latest post focuses on stories about HD caregivers and research around their needs, including a 2020 report on caregiving in the USA from the Family Caregiving division of the American Association of Retired People (AARP) and the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC). He suggests highlighting our common role as caregivers in our advocacy efforts this electoral season. To learn more and get involved in advocacy for HD, click here