Since the announcement in late March that dosing of tominersen in the GENERATION-HD1 trial had been halted, HD researchers and families alike have wondered: what exactly led to this devastating decision? At this week’s CHDI meeting, Roche presented the findings from their preliminary analysis, which explain clearly why dosing was halted: tominersen simply did not have any benefit for participants in the trial with HD. Please join us for a webinar in which Drs. Laurek Boak (Roche), Diana Slowiejko (Genentech), and Vicki Wheelock (Director of the HDSA Center of Excellence at UC Davis) will discuss the trial results and answer community questions directly.  

This webinar is taking place TODAY, Thursday, April 29th at 12 PM Eastern, and will also be recorded for future viewing on HDSA’s youtube channel. Register here to join.   

HDBuzz Covers the CHDI Conference 

CHDI is a foundation whose sole purpose is to support HD research. They host an annual conference which is usually reserved for scientists and is held in Palm Springs, California. This year’s virtual format means that HD family members and many others are able to access the scientific presentations in real time from all over the world. The conference is wrapping up today and the content is directed at scientists, but the HDBuzz editorial staff have been live-tweeting every presentation this week @HDBuzzFeed. You can read the Day 1 and Day 2 recaps, soon to be followed by Day 3. Sessions include clinical trial updates, promising new therapeutic strategies, exploration of large-scale human genetic data, ways to visualize huntingtin protein in the living brain, and more.  

HDBuzz Clinical Trials Roundup 

From disappointing news on Generation HD-1 to promising gene therapy treatments from uniQure with several twists and turns in between, recent weeks in Huntington’s disease research have brought a roller coaster of emotion to the HD community. Serving as a recap of what we’ve learned from latest trial updates and a road-map of new hope on the horizon, HDBuzz’s latest article chronicles the current climate of the HD clinical research landscape. Rachel Harding breaks down diverse approaches to improving outcomes for individuals with Huntington’s disease and the companies studying them, including disease-modifying therapies, neuroprotective treatment strategies, symptom-targeting drugs, and quality of life improvement methodologies.