Wave Life Sciences shared a press release this morning announcing that dosing has begun in the SELECT-HD trial. The study will test a spinally-delivered ASO drug that focuses on lowering the harmful form of huntingtin. This is a small safety trial that will enroll around 36 participants. To learn more check out the press release. More trial information will also be shared during the free and virtual EHDN Conference tomorrow, Friday September 10th at 8:05 AM Eastern.

Upcoming HDSA Webinars

Next week, Allison Bartlett will host a Disability Chat webinar on how to complete an online disability appeal application on September 14th at 12PM EST. Click here to register 

Also coming later this month, HDSA Human Biology Fellows, Drs. Simon Laganiere and Michael Placzek, will present their research on neuroimaging biomarkers in HD. Register here to join us on September 23 at 12PM EST. 

National Suicide Prevention Week 

The complex nature of Huntington’s disease brings unique experiences for those it affects. While onset may look different amongst HD-positive individuals, mental health and psychiatric symptoms pose ongoing challenges for the community. Studies examining rates of suicidality have determined an elevated risk of suicide in the HD community compared to the general population. Risk factors are varied, and even heightened by the distinctively difficult and isolating circumstances brought on by COVID-19. Something we do know, is that talking to someone you worry is feeling suicidal or has felt suicidal in the past does not increase the risk of suicide. In fact, it helps that person who is struggling feel less alone, more seen, and creates opportunities to help.

For National Suicide Prevention Week, September 5-11, know that you are not alone, and if you are struggling with severe depression, thoughts of suicide or have lost someone to suicide, there are resources to help you.

If you or someone you know is struggling, click here to find a social worker near you, or access HDSA’s free TeleHealth counseling services here. To learn more about how suicide affects the HD community, watch HDSA’s episode of Here’s the Deal on suicide, view additional suicide prevention resources on HDSA’s website, or visit suicidepreventionlifeline.org.