The 2020 HDSA Convention is this week, and it’s happening virtually. Below is the research-related programming that requires registration. Follow the links to sign up and reserve your spot.  All scheduled sessions are in Eastern Time.

Ask the Scientist Anything (Friday, June 5th, 2 pm): Dr. Ed Wild and Dr. Jeff Carroll do a live Q&A with the community about all things HD research. 

Wave Life Sciences (Saturday, June 6th, 11 am) will present an update on their PRECISION-HD trials. 

Roche/Genentech (Saturday, June 6th, 12:15 pm) will present an update with Q&A on the GENERATION-HD1 trial and other progress.  

HDBuzz Year in Review (Saturday, June 6th, 1 pm): Ed and Jeff will summarize the state of HD research today and the most important recent findings. 

Clinical Trials Showcase (Saturday, June 6th, 2:30 pm): Companies with clinical trials that are enrolling now or in the very near future will present their work and how to get involved 

Novel HD Therapies (Sunday, June 7th , 11 am): LoQus23 Therapeutics will present their work on developing therapies that target DNA repair to treat HD.   

Misconceptions in HD Research (Sunday, June 7th, 2 pm): Three HD scientists who are also from HD families will address questions and misconceptions about HD research.  

Triplet Therapeutics Announces SHIELD HD Study 

Triplet Therapeutics is a Boston-based biotech company that is developing therapies for CAG repeat disorders like HD. Their focus is the DNA damage repair pathway, which contributes to the expansion of CAG repeats in cells of the brain and body as people with HD age. Triplet has initiated a “natural history” study called SHIELD HD which will not involve a treatment but will follow about 60 adults (age 18 – 63) with HD for seven study visits over the course of 2 years. A site in Ontario, Canada is currently recruiting and several more are expected in the USA. Information will be updated on the SHIELD HD clinical trials webpage and at HDSA’s clinical trials matching service,  

Postcard from CHDI 

The annual HD Therapeutics Conference hosted by CHDI Foundation is an important venue for researchers to share the science that is moving HD therapies forward. Each year CHDI creates a video postcard summarizing some of the highlights. The video is hosted by British journalist, HD gene carrier, and advocate Charles Sabine. He interviews conference participants and organizers about huntingtin-lowering therapies, and speaks to industry leaders about recent clinical trial progress and novel approaches to treating HD. Importantly, much of the knowledge driving the development of new therapies has arisen from studying HD patients and family members. In the words of Dr. Sarah Tabrizi, whose recently published HD-YAS study we covered last week, “It’s critically important for [pre-symptomatic gene carriers] to get involved in research if they want to, because the more we understand that pre-manifest phase of the disease, the more we will be able to intervene at an early point to slow or prevent the disease.”