- VICO Therapeutics on Help4HD Podcast  
- Updates on INGREZZA  
- Western University of Canada seeks HD Faculty member  

VICO Therapeutics on Help4HD Podcast  

Last week on the Help4HD podcast, host Lauren Holder was joined by Dr. Katja Obieglo from VICO Therapeutics to talk about the experimental therapy they are developing to treat HD and Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA) types 1 and 3, VO659. This drug targets multiple CAG-repeat expansion diseases by preventing copies of expanded genes from becoming mutant proteins. By reducing levels of mutant protein that are in circulation in the body, the goal is that this drug will have the power to stop or reverse progression of HD, SCA 1, and SCA 3. To listen to the full podcast episode, click here.  

Updates on INGREZZA  

INGREZZA was approved for treatment of chorea symptoms in people with HD earlier this year. Research published in Clinical Therapeutics found that INGREZZA may be crushed and added to soft foods or liquids for delivery. Different methods, mediums, and temperatures were tested, and the drug maintained similar potency. This means that individuals who have difficulty swallowing a pill or who use a feeding tube may still be able to use INGREZZA for management of chorea symptoms. To read the scientific publication, click here. In September, Neurocrine announced that they were applying to the FDA for approval of this formulation.  

On December 8th, HDSA will host a research webinar with Neurocrine to answer frequently asked questions about their newly approved drug. Click here to register.  

Western University of Canada seeks HD Faculty member  

The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University in Canada is seeking candidates for a tenure-track professor who will devote their research efforts towards new ways to identify, prevent, and treat Huntington’s disease. The Research Chair position is funded in part by the Huntington Society of Canada (HSC). This is a cool example of long-term investment in HD research, and exciting to see the position supported by one of HDSA’s nonprofit partners. You can learn more here.