- HDBuzz on ASOs: What’s the latest on huntingtin-lowering?
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- HDSA’s 8th Annual FREEZE HD is in person on October 22nd!

HDBuzz on ASO headlines: What’s the latest on huntingtin-lowering?  

Recent weeks have brought news for familiar players in the HD research space. As was covered in HDSA September 22 blog post, Roche recently announced they expect to begin enrolling participants in a new trial of tominersen in early 2023. In September, Wave Life Sciences also shared the news that in their small clinical trial of the huntingtin-lowering ASO, WVE-003, the drug seems to be lowering levels of mutant huntingtin in human participants as it was intended to. While exciting, these headlines bring up questions as well—why is Roche revisiting tominersen, and how will this trial be different that GENERATION HD-1? Why is Wave targeting only mutant huntingtin protein, and what does their data mean? HD Buzz has answers—to read their latest article and unpack these announcements with the experts, click here.  

Interested in Clinical Research? Join HDSA’s HD Trialfinder!  

Through clinical trials, researchers are testing new ways to detect, treat and prevent Huntington’s disease. Recruiting clinical trial participants in a timely manner, as well as maintaining their participation in trials, is the greatest obstacle to developing the next HD treatment. HDSA’s HD Trialfinder is a clinical trials matching service: a way for individuals with Huntington’s disease, caregivers, healthy volunteers, and physicians to connect with current research studies. It includes an easy-to-use website and free call center staffed by trained HD clinical trial navigators. People with HD, care partners, and healthy volunteers are all needed today to participate in different aspects of HD research. 

If you’re interested in learning more about participating in HD research or are ready to connect with a trial coordinator near you, visit By creating a profile and answering some basic questions about yourself or a friend, family member, or patient who is impacted by HD, you can match to studies and find contact information for nearby sites. You can also use HD Trialfinder to read about ongoing trials without entering any information. You can begin by exploring the HD Trialfinder website or call center service staffed by trained HD Clinical Trial Navigators, available from 9 – 6 pm Eastern time. Fill out a “Request a Contact” form on the HD Trialfinder website or call 1-866-890-6612 to speak with a Navigator. 

Join HDSA’s 8th Annual FREEZE HD in person on October 22nd!  

For the first time since 2019, FREEZE HD will take place in person at the Avalon in Hollywood! Join HDSA on October 22 to honor Jason Ritter and the Ritter family for their incredible support in the fight against Huntington’s disease. The event will feature live entertainment, an incredible auction, and more. To learn more and get tickets, click here.