Each year, HDSA prepares a report that covers what happened in HD research this year. This year, The Marker includes HDSA research activities like our fellowships, communications, efforts to increase family access to research opportunities, and global collaborations to include family voices in industry decisions. It also covers ongoing and upcoming clinical trials, 2019 hot topics in HD research, HD research conference minutes, and more. Check it out today 


Webinar Available to View: Insights on HD Age of Onset 

If you missed Tuesday’s HDSA Research Webinar with Dr. James Gusella or would like to share it with someone else, it’s now available for viewing on HDSA’s research webinars page and youtube channel. Dr. Gusella was a key member of the team that discovered the HD gene, and his recent findings are about genetic modifiers of HD, in particular how “interruptions” in CAG repeats can affect age of onset of HD. He gave an insightful talk and left plenty of time to answer audience questions about this complex topic.  


HD Insights Podcast 

In the words of the Huntington Study Group, “the HD Insights Podcast is a long-form interview format in which HSG speaks with researchers in Huntington disease and those helping shape the future of HD treatments.” In this episode, nurse clinician Carolyn Gray talks about her role in the Department of Neurology at the University of Kansas Medical Center. She helped to found their HD clinic and genetic testing program in the 1990s and currently coordinates clinical trials there, and she describes her experience and what study visits are like for trial participants.