If you missed the clinical trials update webinar presented by Roche on Wednesday the 26th, it’s now available for viewing on HDSA’s youtube channel and will be uploaded to our website shortly.

In this webinar, four Roche team members, J.P. Sacksteder, Mai-Lise Nguyen, Erik Lundgren, and Dr. Scott Schobel, provided a clear community update on upcoming trials to test huntingtin-lowering drug RG6042. They spent a lot of time answering questions, and we recommend checking it out and sharing with family and friends.

To follow up on the many remaining questions we received during the talk, we’ll be putting out an FAQ in the near future! As a reminder, the Community Statement from Roche/Genentech and the most recent HD Buzz article are also great resources.

HDSA Scientific Advisory Board Meeting

HDSA’s Scientific Advisory Board, made up of expert HD scientists, neurologists, and family members, is meeting this week to evaluate applications for HDSA’s Human Biology Project. This dynamic team will select the top proposals and provide constructive feedback to applicants performing HD research from all over the world.