One week from today, HDSA will be joined by members of the Roche team at 3:00 PM EST on January 20th for an update on new findings from the data collected in the GENERATION HD-1 study. This 90-minute, community-focused webinar will be an opportunity to hear members of the Roche/Genentech team discuss new data from the study regarding tominersen, ask questions, and participate in a conversation with Roche & HDSA leadership. Register for the webinar here.

Researcher Spotlight: Osama Al Dalahmah, PhD 

2019 Human Biology Project Fellow, Dr. Osama Al Dalahmah, gave HDSA an update on his exciting research studying how HD affects the cells of the brain. To learn more about Osama’s project, how he entered the field of HD research, and more, read the full spotlight article here.  

Participate in HD Research from Home: Online Surveys  

Research participation is essential in the quest for treatments and cures for HD–not only in pursuit of new drugs, but also to improve care and quality of life for people affected by the disease. In-person participation is not possible for everyone, but many HD researchers and care professionals worldwide are conducting studies than can be completed online. HDSA works with students, scientists, and clinicians to review their university-approved studies and share them with the HD community. Recent surveys opened for participation include an assessment of the emotional impacts of caring for someone with HD, evaluation of community attitudes toward genetic testing, determining whether speech can be used to track the progression of HD, and more. If you are personally affected by HD, are a caregiver to someone with HD, or have a close relationship to someone with HD, you can join these studies today! To assist investigators across the globe in their studies of the impacts of HD, check out these online research opportunities that can be completed from the comfort of your own home.