Congratulations to 2019 Berman-Topper Fellow Dr. Lauren Byrne, whose work was recently published in the Journal Science Translational Medicine. She tweeted this week about her findings, the culmination of several years of work examining how spinal fluid biomarkers change as HD symptoms develop and progress. Measuring changes in the contents of spinal fluid and blood will be an important future tool for evaluating drugs designed to prevent HD symptoms.


Latest HDSA & ME Webinar  

The final 2020 episode of HDSA’s virtual education series, HDSA & Me, was presented by Dr. Henry Moore from the HDSA Center of Excellence at the University of Miami. His presentation explored the impact of COVID19 in the traditional HD Multidisciplinary Clinic as well as the challenges of telemedicine in the care of HD patients. Dr. Moore also discussed the redefined role of the caregiver during virtual clinics. Check it out on HDSA’s youtube channel.  


Participate in HD Research Surveys 

HDSA works with established and budding scientists to offer online research participation opportunities to the HD community. We ensure that all survey studies listed on HDSA’s website have a strong design and have received university ethics approval. Consider participating from home to help linguistics researchers, genetic counselors, and social scientists understand more about your experience with HD, with the goal of improving HD care and awareness.