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Berman-Topper Fellows Blog About Their Work

All of HDSA’s supported research fellows are required to submit scientific reports on their progress – but some go above and beyond and share their data widely with other scientists and the community. We applaud this approach and are happy to share some recent blog posts from Berman-Topper Fellows Tamara Maiuri and Rachel Harding. You can even have a look at their raw data, if you’re so inclined!

Tam talks about her recent work on the huntingtin-binding protein PAR and speculates about why these proteins interact and what it might mean for drug discovery.

Rachel shares her excitement around this spring’s Huntington’s disease meetings, a new manuscript, and her poster from the CHDI conference, not to mention links to all the data she’s collected recently.


HDSA Center of Excellence on Illinois TV News

Dr. Dronacharya Lamichhane of the OSF HealthCare Illinois Neurological Institute, a recently designated HDSA Center of Excellence, had a TV spot in Central Illinois and spoke about the multidisciplinary HD care available to families in the area.