This week, HDSA published the 2018 Research Report, a written re-cap of global HD research progress and how HDSA research dollars were put to use this year. We cover the work of HDSA-supported fellows, this year’s hot topics, conferences, clinical research news, and more, in a redesigned format. It’s a great summary of what happened in HD research in 2018 both at HDSA and all over the globe.


Voyager Parkinson’s Disease Study Begins

Voyager Therapeutics is a Boston-based company working to develop gene therapies, medicines that target the underlying causes of disease. This week, they issued a press release announcing the start of their Phase 2 trial for Parkinson’s disease, testing a virus designed to deliver an important enzyme directly to brain cells. Although this news does not have direct implications for the HD community, we are encouraged by this progress, because Voyager is also working on HD. Their approach involves similar brain delivery methods using a virus that could help lower huntingtin protein. If Voyager’s Parkinson’s trials run smoothly, it could mean good news for their other programs moving forward.


Footage from an HDSA Education Day

Are you interested in an HDSA HD Education Day, but haven’t been able to attend in person? The HDSA Center of Excellence at the University of California, San Francisco recently hosted their 14th annual HD Research Symposium, and have made the footage available to view online. Topics include basic and clinical research, palliative care, comparing how HD is cared for in different countries, HD advocacy, and upcoming Genentech/Roche trials. Check out a research education event from the comfort of your couch!