On Wednesday February 19th, Dr. Peg Nopoulos, Director of the HDSA Center of Excellence at the University of Iowa, presented an HDSA webinar on her research into the development of the brain in youth at risk for HD. She discussed with great clarity her findings and what they mean for HD treatment, and left time for a lively Q+A. She also detailed a new study for at-risk youth ages 6-30, ChANGE-HD, and how the community can get involved in several locations across the US. Watch the webinar here.

Hope in HD Research  

HD research was the focus of an article in the most recent issue of Brain&Life Magazine, published by the American Academy of Neurology. From genetic testing to symptoms and treatments in clinical trials, this article focuses on HD from a family and medical perspective. Patients, caregivers, and doctors, including three HDSA Center of Excellence directors give their perspectives on treatment, research, and self-care.  

Gene Veritas on Age of Onset 

Huntington’s Disease blogger and advocate “Gene Veritas” recently posted his thoughts and interpretations about HD genetics and age of onset of HD symptoms. He discusses findings presented by Dr. Jim Gusella in a November 2019 HDSA research webinar as well as comments from an interview with Dr. Robert Pacifici, Chief Scientific Officer at CHDI, and expounds upon his own family history and his feelings around the highly complex issue of genetic testing for HD.