This week, HDSA announced the winners of the 2020 HD Human Biology Fellowship. HDSA’s largest research initiative, the Human Biology Project supports projects that focus on understanding Huntington’s disease as it occurs in humans. This year’s scientists were chosen by HDSA’s Scientific Advisory Board from a large and competitive pool of applicants. Here are the names and titles of their research projects: 

·        Melanie Alpaugh, PhD, Université Laval, Canada: Interrogating blood samples from Huntington’s disease patients to better understand cognitive impairments  

·        Yifat Glikmann-Johnston, PhDMonash University, Australia: Targeting the Huntington’s disease gut microbiome 

·        Simon Laganiere, MD, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts: Identifying novel neuroimaging biomarkers in early pre-manifest Huntington’s disease 

·        Bjoern von Einem, PhDUniversity Hospital Ulm, Germany: Feasibility of assessing mHTT and wtHTT mRNA levels in CSF-derived exosomes 

A summary of these four proposals can be found here. We look forward to hearing about the progress of these exciting research projects.   


Participants Needed: Paid Phone Interview Study 

Make your voice heard and help to provide the healthcare industry with valuable information about your family’s experience with HD.  

If you or your spouse has been diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease or tested positive for the HD gene in the past 2-5 years, you may be eligible to participate in a paid marketing research study.  

If you qualify and participate you will be paid $175 for a single 60-minute telephone interview

For more information and to contact the study coordinators, check out this flyer.  


HDSA & Me: Role of the Caregiver 

HDSA’s virtual education series, HDSA & Me, offers thought provoking seminars and interactive sessions brought to you by HDSA Center of Excellence team members. The last session of this series in 2020 will be presented on Thursday, December 10th, 2:00 PM Eastern Time. Dr. Henry Moore from the HDSA Center of Excellence at the University of Miami will explore the impact of COVID19 in the traditional HD Multidisciplinary Clinic as well as the challenges of telemedicine in the care of HD patients. Dr. Moore will also discuss the redefined role of the caregiver during virtual clinics.  

Please click here to register.