CRISPR is a gene editing technique that has been touted for its potential to treat HD someday in the future. However, it is still an early technology, and will take a lot of exploration before it could be tested in humans. The safety of CRISPR has recently come into question because of some alarming experimental results in several different laboratories. Although CRISPR is meant for precise editing of the DNA code, it turns out that there are often unintended and potentially dangerous consequences. These studies were not related to Huntington’s disease, but they illustrate the hazards of gene editing and the need for more research into how they can be improved and made safer for medical use. Click here to read more about it in the latest article from HDBuzz.    

Ask the Scientist Anything! 

Due to the popularity of our Ask the Scientist Anything Session at both in-person and virtual conventions past, we’re pleased to announce another opportunity to participate. Join HDBuzz creators and researchers Dr. Ed Wild and Dr. Jeff Carroll, as well as HDBuzz writers Dr. Rachel Harding and Dr. Sarah Hernandez, for a live Q&A about HD research. 

When: Tuesday, September 8th, 12 PM Eastern 


Research Survey for Caregivers 

To prepare for a clinical trial of a drug that may reduce the disruptive behaviors experienced by some individuals with HD, Azevan Pharmaceuticals needs to interview about 30 caregivers who are parents, spouses, or adult children of patients who have aggressive outbursts.  

This research is sponsored by Azevan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The interviews will be conducted by phone with researchers at the Huntington’s Disease Society of America Center of Excellence at Georgetown University. They will use a special cell phone number that guarantees the privacy of the connection. The calls will be voice recorded and transcribed so that they can be reviewed more easily. The information that you provide will be stored in password-protected files at Georgetown University.  

You must be fluent in English and at least 18 years old to participate. Participants that complete the full interview, which involves answering questions about aggressive outbursts and related behaviors, will be compensated $50 for their time and insight. If you are interested in helping out, please click here to fill out a brief survey and submit the form. 

If you are selected to participate in an interview, you will be contacted to schedule a time.