Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at HDSA! We are especially grateful for your engagement in research – it’s how medicine moves forward. If you’re a reader of this blog, you’re actively choosing to stay informed about HD news, HD science, and HDSA research activities, and we thank you for trusting HDSA as a source. The more awareness within our community about evidence-based research, the greater the participation, and the faster the field can move towards effective treatments for HD.  

HDSA will always recommend re-visiting www.hdtrialfinder.org to check out opportunities to participate in research studies near you, as well as www.enroll-hd.org to join the largest and most important HD study worldwide. 

A great way to learn about HD research progress is to have a look at The Marker, HDSA’s 2019 research report. Share it with family and friends this holiday season! 

Thank you for all you do.