Despite the challenges of 2020, your support of HDSA this year has continued to remind all of us that in the fight against Huntington’s disease, Family Is Everything. HD research has also made incredible strides this year, with the very first HD gene therapy trial, and recruitment of pivotal huntingtin-lowering studies, even in the face of a pandemic. 

COVID-19 Vaccine

Last week the FDA authorized emergency use of the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, and millions of doses are expected to be delivered to those who need it most by the end of 2020. With additional safety data emerging from studies of vaccines created by Moderna and other companies, more emergency use authorizations are likely on the way. Many people in the HD community are wondering if they or their loved ones should opt to receive a coronavirus vaccine if offered; whether they are living in long-term care facilities or working in healthcare. Our panel was asked a similar question during our Ask the Scientist webinar recently. HDSA cannot provide medical advice, but vaccines have been immeasurably important for public health for more than a century. Talk to your doctor if you have questions about vaccination against COVID-19. 

Holiday Watch

In the latest episode of HDSA’s Here’s The Deal, Jennifer Simpson discusses the wonderful Netflix documentary “Dick Johnson Is Dead” with filmmaker Kirsten Johnson and Maryann Emerick. The film is funny, sad, and beautiful, and follows Kirsten’s dad in his battle with dementia. 

Holiday Listen

Check out the latest episode of the HD Insights Podcast, brought to you by the Huntington Study Group. It features Brendan McLaren, Provisional Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychology Candidate at Monash University, who is researching the relationship between cognitive impairments in HD and the amount of time people spend in bed. His work incorporates wearable technology, which is being used more and more to better understand HD and track symptoms.  

Have a safe and happy holidays!