This week marks the 15th annual HD Therapeutics Conference, hosted by CHDI, a private foundation devoted to HD research. HD staff members are in attendance absorbing the latest news in drug discovery and clinical trials for HD. To kick off the conference, keynote speaker Amy Merkel, yoga teacher, community advocate, and person with HD, shared her story of healing from a traumatic past and encouraged the audience to name and to cherish the positive aspects of their HD experience.

So far, scientific sessions have focused on the use of human data to uncover the best new targets for HD therapies, ways to stop CAG repeat expansion, and preparing for clinical trials that prevent HD symptoms. Upcoming sessions will cover the latest in huntingtin-lowering, and scientists from all over the world will present posters on their recent experiments. Our friends at HDBuzz, including guest appearances from Berman-Topper fellows Sarah Hernandez and Rachel Harding, are live-tweeting the conference talks in plain language.

We’re lucky to be able to gather with all of our Berman-Topper Fellows and to connect with HD researchers from all over the world.

HDSA staff met with the 2016-2019 Berman-Topper Fellows at the HD Therapeutics Conference in Palm Springs, California. Top row: George Yohrling, Nick Caron (2019), Rachel Harding (2018), Ricardo Mouro Pinto (2016), Sarah Hernandez (2017), Louise Vetter, Lauren Byrne (2019), Tam Maiuri (2017), Leora Fox.