This week HDSA is celebrating National Volunteer Appreciation Week. This goes for research, too! We’d like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who lends a hand to make HDSA’s work possible and contributes to the progress of HD science. Our understanding and our ability to treat HD is constantly expanding because of extraordinary volunteers who participate in research studies, or who help a loved one to participate. We thank the scientists who volunteer their time to speak at our research webinars, the students around the country who volunteer their time in HD laboratories, and our amazing network of chapters and affiliates whose educational and social events help people to learn about current research and future opportunities. Thanks to all the readers of this blog who take the time to tune in and spread the information and hope.

April 25th Research Webinar

HDSA holds monthly research webinars to share exciting HD research and new science with the community. These presentations are given by scientists in easily understandable language. On April 25th from 12-1pm EDT, Dr. Jack Reidling from the University of California, Irvine will discuss his work on introducing healthy stem cells to replace damaged ones in the brains of HD mice.  Register to attend the webinar here.

HD scientists blog about their work in real time

This week, researcher Tam Maiuri, one of HDSA’s Berman-Topper Fellows, is featured in an HD Buzz article about open science. This is when a researcher is totally transparent about what they are doing day to day in the lab and makes their data available to see and discuss by anyone. This is a brave and important choice that combats a culture of competitiveness and fear of failure in science. We are excited to hear that HD researchers are committed to being completely open and collaborative, so that great ideas can turn into great treatments as fast as possible. Check out Tam’s most recent blog post about her HDSA-funded work!