Earlier this week, Annexon Biosciences announced top-line results of their Phase 2 clinical trial of ANX005 for HD. ANX005 is an antibody administered via IV with the goal of preserving synapses, the connections between brain cells that are damaged by the progression of HD. It does this by blocking C1q, a protein that activates the classical complement pathway, a part of the immune system that becomes overactive in HD, which can cause premature breakdown of healthy brain cells. The results showed that the drug was well-tolerated, and successfully blocked the classical complement pathway in the blood and brain for the duration of the study. This study did not involve a placebo control, which can make clinical results a bit difficult to interpret, but, excitingly, over half of study participants also showed stabilization of HD symptoms, and some even showed improvement. The next step is to plan a larger, controlled trial in people with HD. Annexon will announce further news on ANX005 as it becomes available. To read the full community statement, click here 

37th Annual HDSA Convention begins today!  

Expert HD clinicians, leading HD researchers, and members of the HD community from around the country will assemble in Atlanta this weekend for the 37th Annual HDSA Convention! If you’re unable to join us in person, you can still register to watch sessions from wherever is convenient for you. Click here to learn more about attending Convention virtually. Otherwise, all sessions will be recorded and available online in the weeks to come. We hope to see you there!