HDSA Center of Excellence at University of Iowa

Department of Neurology
200 Hawkins Drive
Iowa City, IA 52242

General Hospital, 2nd floor elevator E
Pediatric patients, 2nd floor Elevator I

Director: Peggy Nopoulos, PhD

Co-Director: John Kamholz, MD

Phone number for appointments: 319-353-8400

Clinic Coordinator: Shawna Feely, CGC
Phone: 319-353-8400
Email: Shawna-feely@uiowa.edu

Clinic Co-Coordinator: Lillian Howard, MS, CGC
Phone: 319-384-6825
Email: lillian-howard@uiowa.edu

Social Worker: Natalie Berto, LISW
Phone: 319-356-8958
Email: Natalie-berto@uiowa.edu

Website: http://www.medicine.uiowa.edu/psychiatry/huntingtonsdisease/