Chapters & Affiliates

HDSA currently has 54 volunteer led Chapters and Affiliates across the United States with its headquarters in New York City. Chapters and Affiliates are tasked with organizing grassroots fundraising and awareness initiatives in their local communities to support HDSA’s mission.

HDSA’s signature fundraising campaign is the Team Hope Walk program. Since its inception in 2007, Team Hope Walks have occurred in over 100 different cities and have raised over $4 million for HDSA. Celebration of Hope events are planned in over 20 communities along with nearly 300 annual fundraising and educational events raising millions of dollars across the country.

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Albany Chapter

Arizona Chapter

Arkansas Affiliate

Central Florida Affiliate

Central Maryland Affiliate

Central Ohio Chapter

Connecticut Affiliate

Delaware Chapter

Eastern PA Chapter

Georgia Chapter

Greater New York Chapter

Greater Houston Area Affiliate

Greater North Texas Affiliate

Illinois Chapter

Indiana Chapter

Iowa Chapter

Kentucky Chapter

Las Vegas Affiliate

Louisiana Affiliate

Los Angeles Chapter

Maine Affiliate

Massachusetts Chapter

Michigan Chapter

Minnesota Chapter

Missouri Chapter

New Hampshire Affiliate

New Jersey Chapter

New Mexico Affiliate

North Carolina Chapter

Northeast Ohio Chapter

Northern California Chapter

Northern Florida Affiliate

Northern Plains Chapter

Northern Prairie Affiliate

Ohio Valley Chapter

Oklahoma Chapter

Omaha Affiliate

Orange County Chapter

Puerto Rico Affiliate

Rhode Island Chapter

Rocky Mountain Chapter

San Diego Chapter

South Dakota Chapter

South Florida Chapter

Southeast Virginia Affiliate

Southern Idaho Affiliate

Southwest Oklahoma Affiliate

Tennessee Chapter

Texas Affiliate

Upstate New York Chapter

Utah Chapter

Washington, DC Metro Chapter

Washington State Chapter

Western PA Chapter

Wisconsin Chapter

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