National Office

Huntington’s Disease Society of America, 505 Eighth Avenue, Suite 902, New York, NY 10018
Office Phone: (212) 242-1968
Toll-Free Helpline: 1(800) 345-HDSA (4372)

President & Chief Executive Officer

Louise Vetter

President & Chief Executive Officer

ext. 220

Louise Vetter is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA), the largest public not-for-profit organization devoted to the fight against Huntington’s disease (HD). Since joining HDSA in 2009, she has led the expansion of the Society’s reach with new programs and initiatives to strengthen the web of support for the HD community, advocate for better access to care for those affected by the disease, improve physician understanding of HD, and support scientific exploration to bring new treatments to HD families. Ms. Vetter serves as Secretary of the International Huntington’s Association and is Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the American Brain Coalition. Additionally, she is an active member of the National Health Council and an editorial advisor to the Rare Disease Report. Before coming to HDSA, Ms. Vetter spent nearly 10 years leading the American Lung Association of New York where she advocated for families living with lung diseases, like lung cancer, asthma, cystic fibrosis, emphysema and more, to get the care and support they needed. Earlier in her career, she led national health education and public relations campaigns for Fleishman Hillard International Communications with emphasis on improving the patient-physician dialogue. At the heart of her experience is a firm passion for helping people face health challenges head on, always with dignity, understanding and hope.

Mission Team

Arik Johnson, PsyD

Chief Mission Officer

ext. 234

Jessica Marsolek, MSW, LGSW

Associate Director, Community Services

ext. 245

Leora Fox, PhD

Assistant Director, Research & Patient Engagement

ext. 219

Derrick Bell

Senior Manager, Educational Programs

ext. 247

Allison Bartlett, Esq.

Senior Manager, Disability Programs

ext. 218

MaryAnn Emerick, LMSW

Manager, Youth & Community Services

ext. 252

Phyllis Foxworth

Senior Manager of Advocacy

ext. 246

Kelly Andrew

Manger, Mission Grant Programs

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Marketing & Communications

Mynelly Perez

Director, Marketing & Communications

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Neekia Davis

Manager, Communications

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National Development

Jamison Skala

Chief Development Officer

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Emilie Vocaj Wan

Assistant Director, Corporate & Foundation Development

ext. 211

Jenna Caroccia

Assistant Director, Individual Giving

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Maggie Haley

Assistant Director, Individual Giving

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Milo Goldberg

Manager, Development

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Deb Boyd

Associate Director, Regional & Chapter Development


Virginia Goolkasian

Regional Development Officer - Northeast Region


Melinda Jensen

Regional Development Officer- Northeast Region

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Thomas Ritch

Regional Development Officer - South Region


Camille Colletti

Regional Development Officer - Midwest Region


Peggy Cribbin

Regional Development Officer - Midwest Region


Christine Greve

Regional Development Officer- Pacific Region


Nichole Mendoza

Regional Development Officer- Pacific Region


Tara Laudenberg

Special Event Assistant- East


Melissa Sudweeks

Special Event Assistant- West


Finance & Operations

Rosemary Coluccio

Chief Operating Officer

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Rebecca Chan

Director of Finance

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Rema Kabani

Senior Manager, Volunteer Engagement

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Tenzing Andrugsurba

Donor Database & Accounting Clerk

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Vaughan Johnson-Maunder

Office Assistant


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