Support Group Leaders Continuing Education Videos


Based on your input, HDSA is pleased to announce an opportunity for our support group leaders to access additional training and discussion about some of the most challenging topics that arise in support groups. Whether you’ve been a leader for a few months or many years, we encourage you to check out one or more of our new videos which were created with four of our most experienced social workers/support group leaders.


The videos are short – 11 to 19 minutes each and can be viewed in no particular order. Our thanks to Anne Leserman, Assistant Director of Community Services at HDSA, Jessica Marsolek, HDSA Minnesota Chapter Social Worker, Lisa Mooney, HDSA Center of Excellence at UC Davis and Northern CA Chapter Social Worker and Susan Reynolds, HDSA COE at the University of Washington Social Worker.


We hope you will find the video trainings useful. If you have any thoughts, suggestions or feedback, please contact Anne Leserman (


  1. Managing Multiple Conversations (14 min)


  1. Speaking Negatively about Spouse/Partner (11 min)


  1. Confidentiality (19 min)


  1. Managing the conversation monopolizer/over talker (11 min)


  1. The delusional spouse (14 min)


  1. Handling Silence (11 min)