If your clinic would like to be considered for HDSA Center of Excellence designation in 2024, HDSA is now soliciting applications from Huntington’s disease (HD) clinics that were not HDSA Centers of Excellence in 2023 and 

  • are located more than 150 miles from an existing HDSA Center of Excellence. Click here to search a map of existing HDSA Centers of Excellence OR 
  • are located in a state without an HDSA Center of Excellence OR 
  • serve a different insured HD population within the same state 

 The HDSA Centers of Excellence program is the cornerstone of HDSA’s commitment to care. HDSA Centers of Excellence provide comprehensive multidisciplinary clinical services to families affected by Huntington’s disease. For more information about this program and how to apply, please contact Dr. Arik Johnson, Chief Mission Officer, ajohnson@hdsa.org.