Huntington’s Disease Society of America Awards Additional HD Human Biology Project

The Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA) is pleased to announce that a ninth research grant has been awarded under the Society’s largest research initiative, the HDSA Huntington’s Disease Human Biology Project.  The latest recipient is Dr. Daniel Wilton from Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Wilton will be working under the guidance of Dr. Beth Stevens on a project entitled: “The role of complement and synaptic loss in driving disease progression in Huntington’s disease.”  This research was made possible by the kind generosity of the Dake Family Foundation (Saratoga Springs, NY).

With the addition of Dr. Wilton’s project, HDSA has committed $870,000 to the Human Biology Project in 2014. These research projects emphasize the importance of bringing basic and clinical researchers together to facilitate Huntington’s disease (HD) science beyond animal models and into the human condition with the participation of HD patients.

The 9 winners and titles of the 2014 HDSA HD Human Biology Project Grants are:

For a complete summary of Dr. Wilton’s and the other eight Human Biology Projects, please visit

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