HDSA, in partnership with the University of Alabama Birmingham and Medscape, is pleased to announce the launch of a three part online accredited continuing education course for community based primary care providers, neurologists and psychiatrists. Each segment will focus on a different aspect of HD with a goal to educate community based healthcare providers with the basics they need to effectively diagnosis and treat a person with HD. A posttest measures competency in the subject after each segment.

An introduction by Dr. Victor Sung premiered in tandem with Segment 1: Curbside Consult on October 31. The video introduction takes viewers through the objectives of the course and can be found on the Collection page for the online activity at: https://www.medscape.org/viewcollection/34265.

Curbside Consult features a discussion between HDSA Center of Excellence Directors Drs. Victor Sung (UAB) and Erin Furr Stimming (UT-Houston) about diagnosis and treatment options (both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic) for HD. The link to this activity can be found by going to: https://www.medscape.org/viewarticle/884808.

Segment 2: First Response will include several HDSA Center of Excellence Directors, led by Dr. Sandra Kostyk (OSU), in a lively discussion centering on the use of a multidisciplinary team approach to care. Drs. Madaline Harrison (UVA), Daniel Claassen (Vanderbilt), Valerie Suski (UPittsburgh) and Claudia Testa (VCU) are featured. This segment will premier later this month and will be announced by HDSA when it is available.

A third segment, with HDSA Center of Excellence Directors, Drs. Sam Frank (BI Deaconess), Danny Bega (Northwestern) and Jee Bang (Johns Hopkins) will premier in December and will be posted by HDSA as soon as it goes live.

This accredited continuing education course is made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from Teva and will appear on the Medscape site through 2018. HD families are encouraged to share information about this course with primary care providers, neurologists and psychiatrists in their communities.

HDSA is proud to be a partner with UAB and Medscape and to have the opportunity to feature so many of our outstanding HDSA Center of Excellence Directors as part of the program.  Please contact Deb Lovecky (Dlovecky@hdsa.org), Director of Educational Programs, should you have any questions.