Survey of the Huntington’s Disease Community’s Views on Biomarkers and Preventive Drugs

DESCRIPTION: You are invited to participate in a research study
on preventive treatments in Huntington’s Disease. The purpose of
the study is to understand your preference for future treatments
that may delay or prevent Huntington’s Disease (HD) among
individuals at-risk of developing HD. In addition, we would like to
learn about the side effects, you would be willing to tolerate for the
benefit. If you agree to participate, you will be asked to complete a
brief survey and answer a series of questions to determine which
treatments you prefer and the side effects you would be willing to
tolerate to gain the benefit of preventing or delaying the
progression of HD.
TIME INVOLVEMENT: Your participation in this experiment will
take approximately 15 minutes.
PAYMENTS: You will receive a $25 Amazon gift card as payment
for your participation.
SURVEY DEVICE: This survey should only be taken on a laptop or
a desktop. Please do NOT take this survey on a mobile device
because the survey will not display correctly.
CONFIDENTIALITY: The data for this study will be kept
anonymous, which would make it impossible for us to connect your
responses with any of your identifying information.